Galactic Basic - Base it on basic

Check out my homies Galactic Basic and there new cd "Base it on basic" Available now!

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G-Owens - The Feeling

My new album "The Feeling" is now available for download!

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G-Owens - "The Feeling" Sampler (Promo Video)

The final addition to #TheFeelingFridays campaign! Enjoy/Share/Repost!
Get the album 10.23.2012!
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G-Owens - How you did it (Acoustic)

The fourth installment of #TheFeelingFridays. An acoustic version of "How you did it" from my new album "The Feeling" - available 10.23.2012.

G-Owens - The Feeling promo video HD

Check it out - The third installment of #TheFeelingFridays! My new album "The Feeling" will be available 10.23.2012!  

G-Owens The Feeling Promo FREE DOWNLOAD

The Second installment of #TheFeelingFridays. Album available 10.23.2012!

G-Owens Second time Pt. 2 FREE DOWNLOAD

For the first #TheFeelingFridays we figured we would do something special so, here is a totally FREE DOWNLOAD of a full length track from the upcoming album! Enjoy!

G-Owens' NEW ALBUM "The Feeling" available 10/23/2012

I am excited to announce I will be releasing my new album "The Feeling" 10.23.2012! In preparation for this we've have started #TheFeelingFridays campaign and will give you a little something each Friday leading up to the release!

The Modest E.P. by Oneself Davinci - Free Download

Earsweat Drops!

Earsweat Drops is a collection of tracks from all of the Earsweat artists for their forthcoming albums to be released on Earsweat Records. 

Earsweat as a collective would like to thank everyone we have ever interacted with in the past. As everything, time brings evolution and growth and we are proud to have grown to become an amazing collective of talented artists. Please share this music if you like it and let the world know! Keep an eye out for each artist's album coming soon from Earsweat Records!

All tracks are written by the artists that performed them as it should be sucka! All rights reserved. Copyright Earsweat Records © 2012. You can burn this CD for your friends because we love you like that. BUMP THIS SHIT!!!


released 08 May 2012
The album is available for purchase here:

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