Guy Owens, A.K.A. G-Owens, isn't the type of "Guy" that likes labels. If you were to ask him what he labels himself, his response would be, "Label me Fresh!" And he's right, because Fresh is the perfect adjective to describe him. He has breathed fresh air into the genres of Hip Hop & R&B in recent years, although he's influenced by all genres of music and actually integrates many different styles into his own creations. "The Feeling", originally released in 2012, was a great introduction into the mind of a great poet and composer, and he will challenge us even further with the release of "Label Me". Be on the lookout for this revolutionary artist in the future, and also the Super Groups he's affiliated with, namely Solar Powered, Fiyah Station, Beat Machine & Earsweat. He is guaranteed freshness, 100% raw uncut dopeness. - Jeremy Peters